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Copy of letter from William Lloyd Garrison, Boston, [Mass.], to Maria Weston Chapman, March 19, 1877

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Transcribed copy of letter. Whereabouts of original manuscript unknown.
William Lloyd Garrison says that the Free Trade movement in England gave no aid or encouragement to the abolitionists, but was affiliated with [J.C.] Calhoun, George MacDuffie and the "Southern slave oligarchy." He outlines the Southern course of action in regard to free trade and protective tariffs. Richard Cobden never expressed his views on the slavery question during his visits to the U.S. Harriet Martineau was right in saying that the Free Trade leaders were pro-slavery in their personal opinions.
On page 2 of the manuscript, there is a separate transcribed note by Francis Jackson Garrison on the same subject: "Mem. by F.J.G., Dec. 2, 1887. Mrs Rebecca, of England, above says that busts of Calhoun & another Southern statesmen (?) were placed int he Free Trade Rooms at Manchester, and that John Bright 'was a regular Philistine' in regard to the slavery question. She fully endorses W.L.G.'s statements."
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Ms.A.1.1 v.9, p.24