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Circular letter from William Lloyd Garrison, Boston, [Mass.], to Edmund Quincy, Mar[ch] 1, 1839

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Notes (citation):
Merrill, Walter M. Letters of William Lloyd Garrison, v.2, no.142.
Lithographic reproduction.
On pages 1-3 of this manuscript, there is a circular letter signed by William Lloyd Garrison, Maria Weston Chapman, and Edmund Quincy. In the letter, they make an appeal for funds issued by the New England Non-Resistance Society. "We have neither time nor space to expatiate upon the infinite importance of the principles we hold, & which we would fain apply to the business of the world as well as to the regulation of our individual hearts & lives -- principles, the adoption or rejection of which, will we are abused determine the happiness or the misery of the human race throughout all time, & whose influences will reach beyond the bounds of time & stretch far into the endless ages of eternity." The Society was formed to urge all men to return to the "law of love." The mention the need for funds to support the Non-Resistant.
On page 4 of this manuscript, there is a separate handwritten note by Edmund Quincy to Samuel Joseph May. Edmund Quincy asks if Samuel J. May can form a non-resistance society in his neighborhood. Quincy says he has "been much happier since I have attained to the high & solid ground of Non-Resistance."
The delivery address is: Samuel J. May, South Scituate, Mass.
For another copy of this circular letter, see Ms.A.1.2 v.8, p.13.
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Ms.A.1.2 v.8, p.12