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Single leaf from a 14th-century antiphonal : in Latin

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Item Information

Single leaf from a 14th-century antiphonal : in Latin
Title (uniform):
Niccolò, di Giacomo, approximately 1330-1403
Catholic Church
Former owner:
Certosa dello Spirito Santo (Lucca, Italy)
Former owner:
Libreria antiquaria Hoepli
[ca. 1375–1399]
Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern)
Antiphonaries (Service books)
Boston Public Library
Rare Books Department
Collection (local):
Medieval and Early Renaissance Manuscripts (Collection of Distinction)
ItalyEmilia-Romagna (region)Bologna (province)Bologna
1 leaf ; parchment, ill. ; 491 x 382 (469 x 275) mm.
Terms of Use:
No known copyright restrictions.
No known restrictions on use.
Notes (ownership):
Provenance: The monks of Santo Spirito sold their manuscript choirbooks in the late nineteenth century, and they were subsequently broken to be sold as individual leaves and cuttings. This leaf probably from the same manuscript as BPL MS pb Med. 146.
Notes (acquisition):
Source of acquisition: Purchased from Hoepli (cat. 1953, no. 22, pl. XIII) in 1955.
Notes (citation):
Bond, W.H. Supplement to the Census of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts in the United States and Canada, pp. 216-217
Ms. leaf.
Title devised by cataloger.
Location and date derived fron contents.
Origin: Possibly a leaf from one of the choirbooks commissioned of Niccolò di Giacomo by the Carthusian monastery Santo Spirito in Lucca in the late fourteenth century.
Bibliography: Haraszti, Zoltán. "Additions to the Rare Book Department," Boston Public Library Quarterly 9 (1957): 63; Francesca Flores d'Arcais, "Per Nicolo di Giacomo da Bologna." Studi di storia dell'arte in memoria di Mario Rotili, (Naples 1984): 273-82; Benati, Daniele & Laura Marchesini ed., I corali di Nicolò di Giacomo della Collegiata di San Giovanni in Persiceto. Argelato (Bologna) (Minerva, c2008); Gerli, L. "Nicolò di Giacomo, miniatore bolognese del Trecento: dalla collaborazione con l'"Illustratore" alla decorazione dei codici liturgici." Il Carrobbio VI: 1980, (151-161).
Notes (object):
Script: Written in Gothic rotunda in black ink with red rubrics. Square Gregorian notation on a four-line red staff, no stems.
Layout: Five staves.
Decoration: Two two-line initials in black with calligraphic decoration. On the verso, a two-staff-high initial [B] of acanthus in pink, red and blue, gold leaf at the corners and a blue background, historiated with four scenes of martyrdom (clockwise from the upper left): a bearded man in a pink tunic and hat with cords pummels St. Stephen, dressed in a red deacon's vestments, with a stone; a man in a green tunic wields a stick over St. Lawrence who is burning to death on a gridiron; a clean-shaven man in a pink tunic and hat holds bow towards St. Sebastian, who has been shorn of his clothes, tied to a pole and riddled with arrows; and a bearded man in green with a red cap is about to behead a kneeling St. Paul dressed in red tunic and a blue outer garment. Full border of scrolling acanthus in blue, pink, green and tan with red flowers and gold discs.
Binding: Housed in an oversize manilla folder.
06_01_014522- 06_01_014523
Call #:
RARE BKS MS pb Med. 144
MS 1569