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Letter from Edmund Quincy, [Dedham, Mass.], to Caroline Weston, [March 9, 1844]

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Holograph, signed.
The beginning of this letter is missing.
Edmund Quincy tells of his efforts to organize an anti-slavery convention in Needham. He tells of a conversation with the Rev. and Mrs. Kimball and their son. He calms their fears that William Lloyd Garrison meant to overthrow the church and abolish the Sabbath. He describes the farm of someone named Whitaker. James N. Buffum and [Henry] Clapp told Edmund Quincy about the Framingham Convention. Edmund Quincy says that he was the first to introduce the anti-slavery cause to the town of Needham. He discusses the Liberty Party and the New Organization. A Baptist deacon defended Nathaniel Colver, which upset Frederick Douglass considerably, causing him to admit that there were good men in the Liberty Party. Edmund Quincy tried to correct his views on this point. Mary Ann Allen, the sister of Mrs. Spear, is engaged to a Dr. Aldrich. He tells of John A. Collins's activities. He mentions a quarrel involving some people named Dabney. Edmund Quincy has been reading Herodotus. He discusses The Man of Feeling by Henry Mackenzie,
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Ms.A.9.2 v.20, p.18-19