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  <mods:abstract>This letter announces the death of Chandy C. Abraham, the principal of the YMCA College of Physical Education in India. It was written by Dr. S. D. Chopde, the school’s new principal, on March 1, 1956, and was likely sent to faculty and alumni. The first page describes the circumstances of his unexpected death in light of his seemingly good health, and the second page provides biographical information. The final two pages describe his final days and funeral arrangements.</mods:abstract>
  <mods:note>Chandy C. Abraham (September 23, 1902—February 22, 1956) was born in Kottayam, Kerala. He graduated from the Madras University in 1926 and from the International YMCA College, now known as Springfield College, in 1930. After graduating, he spent nine years teaching at the YMCA College of Physical Education. In his final year, he earned his master’s degree in physical education. Abraham was a member of the Senate of the Madras University, the Central Advisory Board of Physical Education, the Government of India, and the All India Sports Council. He also served as the president of the National Basketball Federation of India and Honorary Secretary of the Madras Olympic Association. Dr. S. D. Chopde is known for having launched the Buck Sports festival while serving as the school’s president in 1958.</mods:note>
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