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World War I Poster - For Every Fighter a Woman Worker

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World War I Poster - For Every Fighter a Woman Worker
The poster shows a woman holding a plan in her right hand and what looks like a shell in her left. Behind her is a blue YMCA triangle. The right side of the poster has the words “For Every Fighter a Woman Worker” and “United War Work Campaign.” The bottom reads, “Care for Her through The YWCA.” The World YWCA was founded through the convergence of a social activist Lady Mary Jane Kinnaird and the committed Christian Emma Robarts. Mary Jane Kinnaird, born in 1816, was a philanthropist committed to young women’s well being. The YWCA was also active early in the 20th century promoting women's access to healthcare and health education. In 1913 the YWCA debuted a Commission on Social Morality, and the group taught sex education, usually under the names "social education" or "social morality." The YWCA promoted frank discussion of sex in order to prepare young women to protect themselves from venereal disease, unwanted pregnancy, and prostitution, and they worked with the War Department during World War I, lecturing on sex education. The artist of this poster, Adolph Treidler was born in Westcliff, Colorado, and studied at the California School of Design. During World War I he designed numerous Liberty Loan and recruiting posters. During World War II he served as Chairman of the Pictorial Publicity Committee for the Society of Illustrators.
Treidler, Adolph
American Lithographic Co., New York
Springfield College Archives and Special Collections
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IMLS YMCA Posters;
World War, 1914-1918
Young Men's Christian Association of North America
International Young Men's Christian Association
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War Department
United War Work Campaign
Planes: Artilliary Shells
102 x 77 cm
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