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    <mods:title>Mosaic of children's drawings</mods:title>
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    <mods:topic>School children</mods:topic>
    <mods:geographic>Boston (Mass.)</mods:geographic>
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  <mods:abstract>This tape includes a short piece documenting a celebration at the Grand Concourse in South Station. Students and city officials celebrate the unveiling of a mural created by Sidewalk Sam and Boston elementary-school students. The mural is made up of personal drawings by students and it celebrates ethnic diversity and racial harmony in Boston. A choir of students performs in South Station. A city official congratulates the students. Sidewalk Sam leads students in a cheer. This tape includes additional footage of the celebration at South Station. Ray Flynn looks on as a student choir performs. Additional footage includes shots of the mural 1:00:30: Visual: Shot of a man conducting a children's choir. The children begin to sing. Shot of a sign reading, "Boston youth celebrate ethnic diversity and harmony." Shots of students in the choir. Footage of a city official speaking from a podium. The official says that the children are promoting racial harmony and peace. Footage of students singing in the choir. Shots of a large mural created by elementary-school students in the Boston Public School System. Shots of students waving at the camera. Shots of a section of the mural, hanging in the Grand Concourse of South Station in Boston. Shots of students in the choir. Shot of Robert Guillemin (artist), also known as "Sidewalk Sam" leading the students in a cheer. Shots of the mural; of the individual drawings making up the mural.</mods:abstract>
    <mods:publisher>Ten O'Clock News</mods:publisher>
    <mods:dateCreated encoding='w3cdtf' keyDate='yes'>1990-05-15</mods:dateCreated>
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      <mods:title>Ten O'Clock News</mods:title>
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