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Imani Institute
Deborah Wang reports that 86 African American students attend the Imani Institute, a private school where students learn about their African heritage. Interview with institute director Ozzie Edwards, who says that parental involvement is key to a child's academic success. He adds that the students learn to be proud of their heritage. The school is housed temporarily in the Elliot Street Congregational Church. Many students formerly attended Boston public schools and area Catholic schools. Interview with President of the Parents' Council, Sadiki Kambon, who says that many African American students are not receiving a good education in the public schools. The Imani Institute needs to raise additional funds in order to make it past its first year. 1:00:11: Visual: Footage of four young African American female students stepping out of a car onto a sidewalk. The girls are dressed in school uniforms. Shots of students in uniforms gathered outside of the Elliot Congregational Church in Roxbury. Shot of an African American boy looking out of a window of the building. Deborah Wang reports that the Imani Institute is not a traditional parochial school. V: Footage of African American schoolchildren gathered in an auditorium. The students sing "Lift Every Voice." Shots of individual schoolchildren. Wang reports that a school assembly is held each morning; that each class has a Swahili name. Wang notes that the students recite a pledge about their African past. V: Footage of the schoolchildren at the assembly saying together, "We are the African people." Wang reports that there are 86 African American students at the Imani Institute; that the students learn about their African heritage. V: Shots of Imani students standing in a classroom; of students sitting in an assembly; of individual schoolchildren. Footage of Ozzie Edwards (Director, Imani Institute) saying that the school gives students a sense of pride about their heritage. Shot of a handwritten sign for the fourth grade class known as "Anika." Footage of an African American female teacher working with students in a classroom; of students working at desks. Wang reports that many of the educational concepts behind the Imani Institute date back to the 1960s; that these educational concepts are becoming more popular with parents. Wang notes that many parents believe that public schools are in crisis. V: Footage of Edwards saying that there are problems with the education of African American children. Edwards says that African American children are not achieving the level of education of other groups. Wang reports that many Imani students are former students of the Boston Public Schools; that some are former students of the African American Catholic school St. Francis de Sales. Wang notes that the St. Francis de Sales school closed over the summer. V: Shot of the exterior of the former St. Francis de Sales school building. Shot of an African American female teacher with young students in a classroom. The students sit in a circle on the floor. Shots of the students. Wang reports that parents of students at the Imani Institute have insisted on having input on the education provided by the school. V: Footage of Sadiki Kambon (President, Parents' Council) saying that many parents decided that the Imani Institute was the best place for their children; that the public schools are not providing a good education. Footage of Edwards saying that parental background and involvement are critical to a child's success in school. Edward says that parents need to be interested in their child's education; that parents do not have to be well educated. Shots of older students in a classroom with an African American male teacher. Shots of the teacher and the students. Wang reports that the school has no permanent home; that the school is housed temporarily in the Elliot Congregational Church. Wang notes that the Imani Institute must raise an additional $60,000 in order to make it past the first year. V: Shots of Imani students leaving the morning assembly.
September 12, 1989
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