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Physical Education Committee National Board, YMCAs (1965-1966)

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Physical Education Committee National Board, YMCAs (1965-1966)
A pamphlet titled “Physical Education Committee National Board, YMCAs 1965-1966.” The cover has portraits of each committee member that year, as well as the photographs of six related staff members. of the YMCA Physical Education Committee Board and Related Staff for the 1965-1966 year. Featured in the image is Executive Secretary Harold Friermood (related staff members section, first on left). The inside provides more information about the members of the National Boards, and also lists members of the various subcommittees. The back page of the pamphlet describes the purpose of the YMCA, the meaning of physical education, YMCA physical education objectives, and objectives of the YMCAs of the USA. The subcommittees represented are: (1) Aquatic Committee, (2) Skin & Scuba Diving Committee, (3) Athletic Achievement Program Committee, (4) Basketball Committee, (5) Boys & Girls Graded Progressive Physical Education Program Committee, (6) Budget and Finance Committee, (7) Buildings, Facilities, Equipment and Maintenance Committee, (8) Gymnastic Committee, (9) Handball Committee, (10) Health & Fitness Education Committee, (11) Leadership Development Committee, (12) Leaders’ Manual Committee, (13) New Program Committee, (14) Principles, Rules, Eligibility and Registration Committee, (15) Publicity and Interpretation Committee, (16) Relationships Committee (Policy), (17) Relationships (Maintenance), (18) World YMCA Physical Education Relationships Committee, (19) Softball Committee, (20) Sports Records Committee, (21) Studies Committee, (22) Volleyball Committee, (23) Weight Training and Lifting Committee, (24) Wrestling Committee, (25) Executive Committee of Physical Education Society of YMCAs of North America, (26) Officers of YMCA Society of Fellows in Physical Education, (27) Officers of the Health Service Directors Society of YMCAs of North America.
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