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Humanics Lecture - "The Man Who Plants Trees" - Dr. Redington (2013)

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Humanics Lecture - "The Man Who Plants Trees" - Dr. Redington (2013)
This is a video of "The Man Who Plants Trees," a lecture given by Dr. Charles Redington, a biology professor at Springfield College, during the 2013 Humanics Lecture Series. Dr. Redington was named the Distinguished Professor of Humanics for the 2012-2013 academic year. The video begins with an introduction from Jean A. Wyld, the school’s vice president of academic affairs and professor of biology. After her, Dr. Richard Flynn (Springfield College’s twelfth president) describes the history of Humanics, the work completed by Charles Redington, and the night’s schedule of events. Jean Wyld then takes the stage again to recognize the previous Distinguished Professors of Humanics who are present. Dr. Redington begins his lecture by describing his early involvement with the YMCA as well as Springfield College’s international roots. He explains the importance of trees across a variety of religions and cultures, and the antiquity of trees in natural history. Trees, for Dr. Redington, serve as a metaphor for Humanics, which has roots across the world due to the school's international student body. Dr. Redington then plays a clip of a video of that shows flowers, plants, and the author Michael Pollan, who is farming. After the video clip, Dr. Redington discusses plant neurobiology and how he incorporates the Humanics philosophy into his general ecology curriculum. At this point in the presentation, Dr. Redington leads the audience on a field trip outside to visit a nearby tree. As a part of the work he completed as a Distinguished Professor of Humanics, Dr. Redington labeled trees around campus with their scientific and common names. The labels also had QR codes that linked to the Wikipedia page describing that species. His goal was to plant a tree native to each country from which Springfield College had an alumni. At the end of the lecture, Jean Wyld provides closing remarks and gives Dr. Redington a special Humanics pin. She talks about the school's scholarship fundraising efforts and announces the six recipients of that year's Friends of Humanics Scholarships. The students who were honored approached the podium to receive their award. At the end, she announces the 2014 Distinguished Professor of Humanics: Carol Mitchell. Carol Mitchell then takes the podium and thanks the faculty, students, her friends, and the college community. Finally, as part of his lecture, Dr. Redington gave everyone in the audience a tree sapling.
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