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Richard C. Morse

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Richard C. Morse
A lantern slide of a portrait photograph of Richard C. Morse. A duplicate of this photograph can be found at:
Rawson, Jonathan A.
Springfield College Archives and Special Collections
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Young Men's Christian Association of North America
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Morse, Richard Cary, 1841-1926
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3 x 4in
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YMCA International Committee of the Associations
Mr. Morse served as the YMCA's National General Secretary in the United States in 1872, a position he held until 1915. Richard Morse was a nephew to Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph. He was ordained a Presbyterian minister, but never entered the active ministry. Instead, he chose to become the religious editor of The New York Observer, a weekly newspaper founded by his father. It was through a report of a YMCA convention he wrote for that paper, that Morse sought out work in the YMCA. He first joined the YMCA in 1869 as editor and publisher of the new Association Monthly magazine. This began a 47 year career, which culminated in his appointment as general secretary of the YMCA’s International Committee in 1872 - a position he held until 1915. Morse was one of the original members of the World’s Committee from 1878 to 1888, and was active in the New York City association. Morse’s YMCA work took him across the Atlantic Ocean 50 times, including relief work in France during World War I. Among the several books written by Dr. Morse are, "My Life with Young Men" "A History of the North American Young Men’s Christian Associations" and "Robert R. McBurney, A Memorial." Mr. Morse was also a trustee of Springfield College from 1889-1891.
This lantern slide is part of a series of eight slides that appear to be on YMCA history, mostly concerning George Williams. The series includes LS-06-01, LS-06-02, LS-06-03, LS-06-04, LS-06-05, LS-06-06, LS-06-07, and LS-06-08. Most of the series was created by Jonathan A. Rawson Jr. (347 Madison Ave., New York City), except LS-06-05 which was created by Scott Studios, (Scott Studios, 24 E. 55th St., New York City). Several of these images were reprinted in the October, 1921 issue of Association Men (Student Edition).
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