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Transcription of Speech by Sir George Williams to the Springfield College Jubilee Class of 1894

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Transcription of Speech by Sir George Williams to the Springfield College Jubilee Class of 1894
Transcription of Speech given by Sir George Williams to the Springfield College, then the International YMCA Training School, Jubilee Class of 1894. The Speech was recorded by George Williams on a wax cylinder recording and played at the Jubilee Celebration of the Founding of the Young Men's Christian Association at Springfield College on June 6, 1894.
Williams, George, Sir, 1821-1905
Mills, W.H.
May 24, 1894
Springfield College Archives and Special Collections
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College Archives Digital Collections
George Williams Papers
International Young Men's Christian Association Training School (Springfield, Mass.)
Springfield College
Young Men's Christian Association of North America
Williams, George, Sir, 1821-1905
MassachusettsHampden (county)Springfield
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Springfield College
George Williams was the Founder of the YMCA. In 1844, after becoming a devout Christian, he gathered a group of young men together for prayer and reflection. This simple act developed into the worldwide YMCA movement. By 1845 the YMCA was holding public lectures in rented halls and Sunday afternoon teas at Hotel Radley in London. By 1851 the YMCA had spread to 16 other cities in England, Scotland and Ireland. The YMCA movement reached the American shores in 1851, with the first YMCA established in Montreal on November 25 and the second in Boston December 29. By the time George Williams was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1894, the 50th anniversary of the YMCA, there were 5,000 YMCAs in 24 countries with 500,000 members. He died in 1905.
The transcript is presumed to be written by Williams' secretary, W. H. Mills. The transcript is not in George Williams handwriting as compared to signature and letter in his handwriting within collections. To an untrained eye, it appears handwriting appears to match secretary's hand. In addition, there are some discrepancies between the transcript and the actual recorded speech.
12-GWilliams transcript_1894