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Springfield College Gymnast Holding Indian Clubs

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Springfield College Gymnast Holding Indian Clubs
This press released was written by the Springfield College department of sports information in 1968. It describes Kathleen Corrigan and Linda-Jo Metheny, who are members of the Springfield College women's gymnastics team and members of the USA Women's Gymnastics Olympic team.
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The Tableaux in Gymnastics was originated by Leslie J. Judd, graduate, Class of 1920, and famous gymnastics coach, 1921 to 1956, of Springfield College. Tableaux, essentially, means living picture. It is a scene performed by costumed actors who remain silent and motionless as if in a picture. The Tableaux have been used throughout theatrical history, but was transformed by Judd to use by gymnasts during performances. The Tableaux as performed by Gymnasts at Springfield College, cover their bodies in a silver formula make-up. Each tableaux expresses an ideal or commemorates a moment. The tableaux is still performed by SC Gymnasts. The history of Gymnastics at Springfield College goes all the way back till nearly the founding of Springfield College in 1885, when Dr. James Naismith, the creator of Basketball, was an early SC Gymnast. Beginning in 1904, the SC Gymnastics team would travel to cities to perform their Gymnastics routines. At the end of their travels, they would perform a “Home Show” at Springfield College, a show they continue to perform to this day. It was during the reign of head coach Leslie Judd, widely considered a father of modern Gymnastics, that the Gymnastics exhibition team really gained a claim to fame. Under the leadership of Professor Leslie J. Judd, the purpose of the Springfield College Exhibition team was to promote and maintain an interest in gymnastics, dance, and the artistic phases of physical education in schools, colleges, YMCAs, and recreational centers. The Exhibition Team has appeared before thousands of spectators in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In fact, in 1941 the team appeared before thirty-five-thousand spectators in twenty-five cities.