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"Revolution, Evolution, and Solution" by Phyllis K. Lerner (October 25, 2013)

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"Revolution, Evolution, and Solution" by Phyllis K. Lerner (October 25, 2013)
This video shows a lecture, "Revolution, Evolution, and Solution" by Phyllis K. Lerner, from Springfield College’s Symposium on Girls and Women in Sports. The symposium was held in conjunction with the celebration of fifty years of women’s varsity athletics at Springfield College and was held during homecoming weekend (October 25-26, 2013). Cathie Schweitzer, the director of athletics at Springfield College, opens the lecture by introducing Dr. Mary Beth Cooper, the college’s 13th president. President Cooper gives a two-minute welcome during which she briefly describes the history of women’s athletics at the college. Next is Mimi Murray, who introduces the previous Springfield College coaches who are in the audience and describes their important work supporting women’s varsity athletics. Murray then introduces Phyllis K. Lerner (’71), whose lecture is titled “Revolution, Evolution, and Solutions.” Lerner shares her memories of Springfield College and encourages the audience to appreciating the important people in their lives. She then splits them into small groups and has them go through an exercise so they will meet someone new. Her lecture covers the change in media coverage of women’s sports and the growth in women’s athletics in the United States. She then talks about her long-time advocacy for Title IX. While acknowledging the progress that has been made across fifty years, she describes the broad impact of Title IX and the areas that are still unfinished, particularly focusing on issues of race and resources. She also argues that schools overemphasize varsity athletics and underemphasize physical education and recreation, and that many schools are not in compliance with Title IX. She also mentions issues in men’s sports and the need for global activism. Finally, Lerner honors all the women who came before her and closes with a photograph of Diana Nyad, a world-record long-distance swimmer. Lerner is the Title IX Director at the Sankofa Project, which works to raise the bar of expectations for female scholar athletes.
Cooper, Mary Beth
Schweitzer, Cathie
Lerner, Phyllis K.
Murray, Mimi
October 25, 2013
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DVD; Color; 01:12:26
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