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  <mods:abstract>The Amherst College Olio (commonly called the Olio) is the official college yearbook which began publication in 1855. Before adopting the title Amherst College Olio in 1857, the yearbook was called the College Olio (1855) and Amherst Aurora (1856). From 1855 until 1937 the junior class was responsible for the publication of the Olio. Most volumes published during these years can be considered "junior yearbooks" because they highlight the activities of a class during its junior year. In 1937 the senior class assumed responsibility for publication of the Olio. The Class of 1937 published two separate Olios which were both designated 1937; the first in their junior year and the second in their senior year. Two issues called 1946 were published; one being for the graduating Class of 1945 who considered themselves the 'Class of 1946'. Precisely as the class of 1946 began its career at Amherst in the latter part of June 1942, the college opened its accelerated program of graduating students in less than three years on a basis of three semesters a year. As a result of this acceleration, the "1946" class graduated in May 1945. The Class of 1946 consisted of students who began their career at Amherst as far back as the fall of 1939 and left Amherst to join the War efforts. The senior class consisted of those who graduated in June of 1946 as well as those who graduated in the fall of 1946. The Olio for 1966 was published in 2 volumes where volume 1 provides a pictorial essay of the College and volume 2 provides an account of the 1965-66 academic year. The Olio for 1969 was never published since a decision was made to divert publication funds to local social action programs for the poor and minorities. The Class of 1969's Fifteenth Reunion Committee published a 'posthumous yearbook' called "Class of 1969" as a substitute for the unpublished Olio for 1969.</mods:abstract>
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    <mods:dateIssued encoding='w3cdtf' keyDate='yes'>1965</mods:dateIssued>
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