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Air Strike-South Viet Nam

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Air Strike-South Viet Nam
1) AtoA HA LS Rear view of an A-1H flying low over a large field, pulling up as it releases a Napalm bomb which explodes in the wooded area in BG; smoke rises from an area in FG; PAN in over the fireball and pull up. VG2) AtoA HA MLS A-1H making another run releasing a Napalm bomb which tumbles down into the jungle; a ball of fire comes up from the jungle area; pull up from the area over the fireball. G3) AtoG MLS Napalm bomb exploding in the jungle; pull up from the area. VG4) AtoA MS Rear view of an A-1H in flight; PAN with aircraft as it moves in on another Napalm run; area below is flat; Napalm bomb explodes in wooded area in BG; pull up from area picking up an A-1H pulling up in the BG. G5) AtoA HA MS Rear view of an A-1H in a diving run over the target area; plane heads for the jungle area and releases a Napalm bomb and pulls up out of the scene; Napalm bomb explodes into a fireball in the jungle; pull up from the area. VG6) AtoA HA LS A-1H in flight over the jungle area; PAN with aircraft; a Napalm bomb is released by the aircraft; no explosion is seen from the bomb. F7) AtoG LS Looking down over the jungle area, an A-1H is picked up in the far BG flying very low over the jungle; no ordnance used on this run. GtoF8) AtoG MLS Bank to left over target area; camera aircraft straightens out over a canal, pulls up from the area. F9) AtoG LS Looking down over the patterned terrain; A-1H is seen momentarily at top part of scene in BG; PAN, over the green flat terrain; a bomb explodes in center of scene throwing up black smoke.10) AtoA MLS A-1H glide bombing; PAN, as the plane pulls out; a bomb explodes off to left of the canal; pull up from the area. G to F11) AtoG LS Bank to left over the target zone; A-1H is glide bombing in BG; pull up from the area; PAN to left with the bomb exploding off to right of canal; pull up again from the area.12) AtoG MLS Bank to left over terrain; A-1H comes into scene on a glide; bomb is released and plane pulls up; PAN to left as a bomb explodes directly alongside a previous hit; concussion and smoke is seen from the area; pull up from the scene. VG13) AtoG MLS Bank to left over flat terrain; PAN down over the canal; a bomb explodes at the very edge of canal throwing up a ball of black smoke; pull up from the area. VG14) AtoG MLS Bank to left, shadow of an A-1H is seen on ground below; smoke rises from the area below; pull up from the area; no ordnance seen used on run. G to F
Ellison, Richard
July 23, 1966
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Vietnam: A Television History
Military aircraft
Vietnam (Asia) nation
Nationalism and communism
Air squadrons
National liberation movements
Bombing, Aerial
Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Viet Nam
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