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The Triangle Class Book, 1894

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The Triangle Class Book, 1894
The yearbook for the class of 1894 was the first yearbook published by any class at the International Young Men's Christian Association Training School, now known as Springfield College. It was titled "The Triangle" and is a reference to the school's emblem: the inverted triangle representing Spirit, Mind, and Body. William Morgan, the inventor of Volleyball, graduated this year, and there is information on him within this volume, including a class picture with him in it. This was also a very important year for the Young Men's Christian Association, being the 50th year of the Anniversary of its founding. Contained within the pages of this year book is a description of the festivities conducted at the school. This included the receipt and playing of a wax cylinder of a message recorded by George Williams, the founder of the YMCA, to the students of Springfield College. This is the only known recording of the voice of George Williams. Included within this yearbook is the text of the message. The content of the yearbook includes a review of the events of the academic year, anecdotes about classmates and activities, poetry, essays, class and team photographs, original illustrations and lists of students and faculty from 1894. The Springfield College Yearbooks collection contains yearbooks and class histories created by the students and administration of Springfield College. Before 1904 Springfield College did not have an official Yearbook, but had publications of various levels of expertise. These included printed "Class Books" and “Class Histories” for various years from 1894 to 1903. As far as we know there were no yearbook-like-documents produced before 1894. After 1904 the yearbook has been called the Massasoit, named after Lake Massasoit upon the shores of which the college sits. Most yearbooks contain information on graduating students, activities of the proceeding years, pictures of faculty and staff, athletic team pictures and information, club information, and pictures and text outlining class histories and the graduating seniors, and other information deemed appropriate by the editors. There were no yearbooks produced from 1918-1919 and 1944-1946.
August 1894
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