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Finding Aid: Alberto Regina Papers

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Finding Aid: Alberto Regina Papers
This is the finding aid for the Alberto Regina Papers. Alberto Regina will always be remembered in South America as one of the most influential figures in the world of physical education. Having been a teacher and mentor for approximately 1,200,000 people, his influence and knowledge has affected generations. In the United States, Regina is portrayed as the Naismith figure for basketball in Argentina. Alberto Regina lived from 1900-1948; working approximately 35 of these years within the Argentinian Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). Regina came to Springfield College in 1930 on a scholarship to study in the YMCA graduate program. Regina held many esteemed positions within South America including: The Acting Director of Physical Education for the Chilean Associations of Basketball and Volleyball, the Director of the Department of Physical Education for the YMCA in Buenos Aires, and the Technical Advisor (trainer) to the Argentine Federation of Sports. He also coached the national Argentine water polo team in the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. The tragic and sudden death of Regina came in 1948, while Regina was only 47 years old. This collection portrays evidence of his influence by documenting his work within the YMCA through manuscript journals, newspaper clippings, scrapbook and photo albums, various awards and medals, as well as dedications and memorials in honor of his life and accomplishments.
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Overton, Rebecca
June 26, 2013
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