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Alberto Regina Scrapbook - Later Years

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Alberto Regina Scrapbook - Later Years
This scrapbook was created by Alberto Regina, a graduate of Springfield College. It contains many team photographs from his work with the YMCA in Argentina. It also includes articles about his time touring the United States, articles about his wedding, and a few pictures of his wife and daughter. The last section of the book contains obituaries and photographs from his funeral. As these items were produced posthumously, some of the material was likely compiled by his wife, Josephine.
Regina, Alberto
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Regina, Alberto
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Alberto Regina was born on August 3, 1900 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started working for the YMCA at the age of 13. He received his undergraduate degree from the YMCA College of the South American YMCA in 1924. He then worked in Chile as the Director of Physical Education. In 1928, he became the Physical Education Director of the YMCA in Argentina and coached the Water Polo team in the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. In 1930, Regina came to Springfield College (then the International YMCA Training School) for graduate study. He learned about North American sports and physical education during his stay at Springfield College and brought the knowledge back with him. He returned to Argentina and became the Technical Advisor of the Argentine Federation of Sport, 1938-1940. In 1947, Regina traveled to study in different YMCAs in the US; while abroad, he fell sick and underwent an operation, after which he returned to Argentina. On January 24, 1948, Regina died from medical complications caused by his surgery.
For preservation purposes, the photographs and other materials were removed from the pages of the scrapbook, after all of the digital preservation was completed. These scrapbooks and their blank pages were then taken out of the collection. The materials inside the scrapbooks were preserved and arranged in archival folders in their original page order. A PDF document was created for each scrapbook in order to retain the original composition of the physical object.
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