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Deborah Mezger Demonstrating Kip

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Deborah Mezger Demonstrating Kip
This photograph shows Deborah L. Mezger (class of 1976), a member of the Springfield College women's gymnastics team, performing on the uneven bars. She is holding onto the higher bar and has her back to the lower bar. This photograph is part of a series demonstrating the kip between bars and the glide kip. This photograph, along with the others in the series, were used in Mimi Murray’s book “Women’s Gymnastics: Coach, Participant, Spectator” (1979). According to her book, the kip is the single most important skill to learn on the uneven bars. This move allows the body to go from a low position (i.e. hanging from the high bar) to a high position (i.e. suspended above the high bar). The glide kip begins with the gymnast standing behind the low bar, and allows her to spin so that she is above the bar. After graduating, she worked as a gymnastics coach at the Eastern National Academy. As of 2013, she works as the performance team head coach and director at Greenville Gymnastics in South Carolina.
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Mezger, Deborah L.
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Springfield College
The history of Gymnastics at Springfield College goes all the way back to nearly the founding of Springfield College in 1885. Dr. James Naismith, the creator of Basketball, was an early SC Gymnast. Leslie Judd, widely considered a father of modern Gymnastics, was head coach for many years. In 1955, Frank Wolcott began coaching the men’s gymnastics team at Springfield College. Bob Cargill followed up Wolcott and coached the team for 1 season from 1981-1982. The team was then coached by Steve Posner, who remains as the head coach today. He has coached the team for 30 seasons and has an overall record of 137 wins and 206 losses. During the 1990-1991 season, Eric Weiskopf took over as head coach and Posner returned during the 1991-1992 season.