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Football Team (c. 1902)

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Football Team (c. 1902)
This lantern slide shows a photograph of the International YMCA Training School (now known as Springfield College) football team. Although the Babson Catalog record states that the team is from 1903, the names do not match those listed for the 1903 football team. Based on the class years of the players, we believe the team played during the 1901-1902 academic year. The football players shown in this image and their respective class years are [top row, L to R] Frederick F. Bugbee (1903), Professor James Huff McCurdy (1890, coach), George A. McLaren (1903), John G. Schroeder (1902, assistant), Bernard M. Joy (1903), R. P. Hamlin (1903), Pierson S. Page (1894, assistant), [middle row] Percy K. Holmes (1904), Edward S. Elliott (1904), George A. Cornell (1902), Thomas A. Clark (1903), James C. Armstrong (1903), Elmer Berry (1902), Von V. Roseboro (1903), [bottom row] Louis C. Bradshaw (1903), Samuel E. Abbott (1904), J. Henry Gray (1904), Noble P. Randel (1904), Samuel L. Smith (1904), Gilbert F. Thompson (1903), and Porter T. Woolworth (1903).
W. H. Drew, Stereopticons
Springfield College Archives and Special Collections
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Springfield College--Football
Springfield College--Sports
Springfield College
International Young Men's Christian Association Training School (Springfield, Mass.)
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McCurdy, J. H. (James Huff), 1866-1940
McLaren, George A.
Schroeder, John G.
Joy, Bernard M.
Hamlin, Robert P.
Holmes, Percy K.
Elliott, Edward S.
Cornell, George A.
Clark, Thomas A.
Armstrong, James C.
Berry, Elmer E.
Roseboro, Von V.
Bradshaw, Louis C.
Abbott, Samuel E.
Gray, J. Henry
Randel, Noble P.
Smith, Samuel L.
Thompson, Gilbert F.
Woolworth, Porter T.
Page, Peirson S.
Group portraits
Lantern slides
MassachusettsHampden (county)Springfield
3x4 in
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Springfield College
Dr. James H. McCurdy was an instructor and Professor Emeritus at Springfield College. He contributed to the field of physical education in many ways, including his studies on the relationship between heart rate, blood pressure, and motor tasks in adolescent boys. In 1924, he published one of the first articles for Exercise Physiology. In 1918, McCurdy realized the need “for an extensive programme of sports and recreation in the immediate postwar period that would bridge the gap and ease the transition between military service and civilian life.” The result was the Inter-Allied Games, the biggest international sports event that had ever been held. Attended by 25,000 people, the Games were a huge success. Dr. McCurdy was the Director of the Division of Athletes, Hygiene and Health for the American YMCA among American troops in France.
A 5x7 glass negatrive duplicate exists (GLASS-SC18872); Text on border reads, "W. H. DREW, Stereopticons, no. 1 Somerset St., Boston."