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Video of the 1996 Lake Massasoit "draw down" and cleanup (Nov. 9, 1996)

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Video of the 1996 Lake Massasoit "draw down" and cleanup (Nov. 9, 1996)
This is a video digitized from a VHS tape that shows Lake Massasoit or the Watershops Pond after the "draw down" or draining of the lake in 1996, and the cleanup effort that was undertaken at that time. The video is about 34 minutes in length with sound. The video was shot, according to the tag on the VHS tape, on November 9, 1996. It starts with video taken from a boat, showing the garbage that was along the shores and in the middle of the lake. There is also video of the volunteers gathered within the Pueblo on East Campus. The rest of the video is of the volunteers collecting the garbage within the lake.
November 9, 1996
Springfield College Archives and Special Collections
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VHS; 00:34:28
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Springfield College
In 1809, Lake Massasoit was formed by the army by damming the Mill River. The purpose of the dam was to ensure a constant flow of water downstream for the Springfield Armory “Watershops.” The Springfield Armory was America’s first and last National Armory, formed in 1777 and continuing production up until 1968. The formerly named Watershops Pond has 7 miles of shoreline and covers 186 acres. From 1892-1900, the buildings of Springfield College began to come about, and the name was changed to Lake Massasoit by Springfield College officials. The name came from a local hotel, the Massasoit House, owned by Marvin Chapin, a generous benefactor of the college. In 1920, the college purchased a large area of land on the upper end of the pond, and called it the “Freshman Camp.” Since the college was formed, students, faculty and visitors have used the Pond for sailing, swimming, ice skating and fishing. However, the lake was officially closed for swimming in 1984 when the lake was said to be unhealthy.
Notes from digitization: "Tape plays well. Slight visible head switch at bottom of screen.";