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SC's International Center Being Dedicated on Saturday

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SC's International Center Being Dedicated on Saturday
This is a newspaper article titled "SC's International Center Being Dedicated Saturday". There is no date or newspaper listed on the article, but the date of publication would've been before October 31, 1965 when the International Center at Springfield College was dedicated. The article talks about what the International Center will do, the support of Mrs. Olive Doggett, wife of Laurence Locke Doggett, the schedule of events and names the staff of the center. There is a photo of the director of the International Center, Attallah A. Kidess, and graduate student at the time, Vassilis Klissouras.
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Springfield College
The International Center was first established in 1965 and was dedicated to Springfield College President Laurence Locke Doggett, President of the college for forty years. The International Center originally consisted of a suite of three newly decorated rooms, of which the main one was named "The Laurence Locke Doggett Room," on the first floor of Alumni Hall. The International Center officially became the Laurence Locke Doggett International Center on November 18, 1972. At that time it was located in Marsh Memorial Building on the second floor. Dr. Attalah A. Kidess, the center's first director, believed it would serve to centralize SC's international outreach. A statement that has proved true well into the 2010s. Though its location has moved throughout the years, it remains the center for Springfield College's International Outreach.