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Pres. Locklin Signs Major Agreements in Three Asian Nations (December 8, 1983)

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Pres. Locklin Signs Major Agreements in Three Asian Nations (December 8, 1983)
This is a newspaper article from the December 8, 1983 Springfield Student, titled "Pres. Locklin Signs Major Agreements in Three Asian Nations." The article talks about agreements that Springfield College signed during Wilbert E. Locklin's 1983 trip to Asia. There is also a photograph of President Locklin with Xia, Xiang (known as Hsia Hasiang when he was a student here in the early forties), the Director of Physical Education at Tsinghua University, and Ma Qiwei, the president of Beijing institute of Physical Education (now known as Beijing Sport University). The article talks about the signing of the second agreement with Beijing Sport university. in addition, it also talks about a visit with the National YMCA of Japan, and to the Chines YMCA in Hong Kong.
Springfield Student
December 8, 1983
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Springfield College
Beijing Sport University was organized and established as the Central Institute of Physical Education (sport) in 1953 with the help of Professor Xu Yingchao, Springfield College graduate of the class 1938. The name of the university changed to Peking (Beijing) Institute of Physical Culture (physical education) in 1956 and renamed Beijing Sports University in 1993. The first agreement signed by Springfield College and the Beijing Sport University was on September 25, 1981, which provided pathways for collaboration and exchange of faculty and students. Ma Qiwei (马启伟), the son of Ma Yuehan (John Ma), was awarded his Master's in Education and Physical Education from Springfield College in 1948. At the time of his attendance, beginning in 1946, he was known as Edward Mo. It is mainly through his outreach that Springfield College and Beijing Sport University, then known as the Peking Institute of Physical Culture, signed their first collaboration agreement in 1981. A vice-president there at the time, in 1982 he was named the President. During his career he served as the Vice-Chairman of the China Society of Sports Science, Director of the Society of Sports Psychology, Chairman of the Rule of the Game and Arbitration Committee of the China Volleyball Association, and was active on International committees, including as a member of the American College of Sports Medicine as well as the rule of the Game Committee of the International Volleyball Federation and Asian Volleyball Confederation. On May 13, 1984, Ma Qiwei was given an honorary Doctor of Humanics by Springfield College.
This is a page from the December 8, 1983 Springfield Student newspaper.
Locklin Visited Ma and Xia in Beijing