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Women's Basketball Team (1983-1984)

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Women's Basketball Team (1983-1984)
This photograph shows the Springfield College women's basketball team from the 1983-1984 season. They were coached by Michael Theulen with future head coach Naomi Graves as assistant. They are lined up in three rows, one sitting, one kneeling, and one standing. The photograph is taken in Blake Arena on the campus of Springfield College. A type written slip of paper is attached at the bottom with the names of players and coaches. Shown in the photograph are, sitting (from left to right): Michelle Busa, Shawna Quigley, Michele Cucci, Rita Condon, and Donna Losardo; 2nd row (left to right): Valerie Frost (Manager), Kathy Urbanowicz, Jen Crawford, Ellen Thompson, Eileen Johnston, Ellen Hill, Susan Cook (Manager); and Oscar Brooks (Asst. Coach) Kelly Crough (Trainer), Sharon Playdon (Captain), Laurie Larkin, Holly Brown, Dorothy Curran, Naomi Graves (Asst. Coach), Michael Theulen (Head Coach).
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Springfield College Basketball Team Papers
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Springfield College--Basketball
Springfield College--Basketball--Women
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Springfield College--Sports--Women
Physical Education Complex
Blake Arena
Busa, Michelle
Quigley, Shawna J.
Cucci, Michele A.
Losardo, Donna M.
Frost, Valerie Marie
Urbanowicz, Kathleen M.
Crawford, Jenepher L.
Thompson, Ellen E.
Johnston, Eileen M.
Hill, Ellen M.
Cook, Susan Elizabeth
Playdon, Sharon M.
Larkin, Laurie A.
Brown, Holly Marie
Curran, Dorothy E.
Graves, Naomi
Theulen, Michael D.
Springfield (Mass.)
Basketball players
Group portraits
MassachusettsHampden (county)Springfield
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