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1995-1996 Springfield College women's gymnastics team

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1995-1996 Springfield College women's gymnastics team
A photograph of the 1995-1996 Springfield College women's gymnastics team. In the front row pictured from left to right are Kristen Pierce, Bonnie Kirk, and Marcy Engel. In the second row pictured from left to right are athletic trainer Diane Franco, Lisa Riedman, Maryellen Carey, Sarah Bryson, Amy Iamarino, Jen White, Tammy Cutrumbes, and athletic trainer Karen Schwartz. In the third from left to right are head coach Cheryl Raymond, Kara Miller, assistant coach Mark Mehringer, Meghan Wiggen, Kim Golz, Marion Imhauser, Megan Foley, manager Katie DeRose, Sarah Dyer, student assistant Stephanie Bergamo, and manager Tracy Hoppenstedt.
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Springfield College Gymnastics Team Papers d
Springfield College
Springfield College--Sports
Springfield College--Sports--Women
Springfield College--Gymnastics
Springfield College--Gymnastics--Women
Pierce, Kristen D.
Kirk, Bonnie J.
Franco, Diane
Riedman, Lisa A.
Carey, Maryellen
Bryson, Sarah
Iamarino, Amy L.
White, Jennifer R.
Cutrumbes, Tammy M.
Raymond, Cheryl A.
Miller, Kara S.
Mehringer, Mark S.
Wiggen, Meghan M.
Golz, Kimberly A.
Foley, Megan B.
DeRose, Katie J.
Dyer, Sarah L.
Bergamo, Stephanie
Engel, Marcy J.
Group portraits
MassachusettsHampden (county)Springfield
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Springfield College
During the 1995-1996 season, the Springfield College women's gymnastics team had a record of eight wins to seven losses. They were named the NCGA (National Collegiate Gymnastics Association) Division III National Champions and were coached by Cheryl Raymond.