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1977-1978 Springfield College women's gymnastics team portrait

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1977-1978 Springfield College women's gymnastics team portrait
A photograph of the 1977-1978 Springfield College women's gymnastics team. In the photograph there are two rows of women, with the second row standing on risers. The first row is wearing white jackets and dark colored pants with white stripes down the sides of the pants. The second row is wearing dark colored warm-up uniforms with the SC (Springfield College) emblem on the left side of the jacket. In lthe front row from left to right are Amy Rubin, Patti Kural, Nicki Gionfriddo, Wendie France, Kyle Goldman, Michelle Lemieux, Gail Wilson, Linda Thompson, Carla Feuerbach, Mary Welch, Karen Whitelaw, and Jackie DeSalvo. In the second row from left to right are coach Leslie Henry, manager Gail Perstein, Lynn Perry, Lori Tranghese, Debbie Carbone, Monica Peoples, Jill Walcott, Becky Hill, Michelle Basque, Joanne Egan, Barbara Granger, Colleen Tribley, Sue Marshall, manager Lee Costello, and assistant coach Terry Pasqua.
Springfield College Archives and Special Collections
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Springfield College
Springfield College--Gymnastics
Springfield College--Gymnastics--Women
Springfield College--Sports
Springfield College--Sports--Women
Rubin, Amy
Kural, Patricia L.
Gionfriddo, Nicole J.
France, Wendie H.
Lemieux, Michelle M.
Wilson, Gail Y.
Thompson, Linda
Feuerbach, Carla
Welch, Mary
Whitelaw, Karen M.
DeSalvo, Jacqueline G.
Henry, Leslie L.
Perstein, Gail
Perry, Lynn M.
Tranghese, Lori A.
Carbone, Debra
Peoples, Monica E.
Hill, Rebecca
Basque, Michelle M.
Egan, Joanne M.
Granger, Barbara L.
Marshall, Susan
Pasqua, Terry J.
Group portraits
MassachusettsHampden (county)Springfield
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Springfield College
During the 1977-1978 season, the Springfield College women's gymnastics team was coached by Leslie Henry and had an overal record of three wins to six losses.