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The William Blizard Gallery dedication and retirement party, November 1, 1998

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The William Blizard Gallery dedication and retirement party, November 1, 1998
This is a digital copy of two VHS video tapes on the Dedication of the William Blizard gallery dedication and retirement party of William L. Blizard gallery held on November 1, 1998. The tapes are almost three hours in length. Also, the date seen on the tape is actually not accurate. The dedication and retirement dinner took place on November 1, 1998 not the December 1, 1998 shown. Tape 1 has Bill Blizard arriving and greeting faculty, students and staff, the party reception in the Blizard gallery, and then the dedication and speakers at the dedication. Speakers including faculty, staff, and interim SC president Robert N. Aebersold. The second half of tape 1 is the dinner and the "roasting" of Bill Blizard. This includes memories of Bill and a musical performance. The second tape continues the roast and has Blizard speaking towards the end. The dinner and roasting took place in the Grumman Room in Cheney Hall.
November 1, 1998
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Blizard, L. William
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VHS; 2 tapes
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Springfield College
William (Bill) Blizard was born in New York City and spent most of his life in Long Island. Blizard earned his BS in Art Education from the State Teachers College (Buffalo, New York) in 1958 and his MA in Art Education at New York University in 1960. Two years later, he began teaching arts and education classes at Springfield College. During his time at the college, he served as chair of the arts department and was instrumental in developing the “Art in Urban Life” program. He described himself as having an “active interest in folk music,” and had his art represented in numerous galleries.