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Dr. Henry Fok itinerary for June 16, 1994 visit to Springfield College

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Dr. Henry Fok itinerary for June 16, 1994 visit to Springfield College
Dr. Henry Fok itinerary for June 16, 1994 visit to Springfield College. The itinerary includes meeting staff, reception, and campus tour. There is flight information included. The second page lists the selected staff who would visit with Fok during the tour of the Physical Education Complex. Dr. Fok was visiting the college after having giving an endowment gift of 1 million dollars establishing the Fok Ying Tung Chair, or Fok Fund.
Springfield College
June 16, 1994
Springfield College Archives and Special Collections
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Fok, Henry Y. T.
Fok Ying Tung Foundation
Zhongshan da xue (Guangzhou, China)
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Springfield College
Dr. Henry Y.T. Fok was a prominent Hong Kong industrialist and philanthropist. The gift was made through the Fok Ying Tung Foundation which was established in 1984 to provide for the advancement of education, athletics, medical, social welfare and tourism in China. The Fok Fund is used to promote sports and athletic relationships between China and the United States. In particular, the funds have been used by Sun Yat-sen and Springfield College to facilitate travel of distinguished coaches, physical education faculty and sport researchers at the two institutions and provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate and other visiting scholars to attend workshops, clinics, and classes at Springfield College and Sun Yat-sen. This has been done through the he Fok Physical Education and Sport Exchange Programs agreement at Sun Yat-Sen University(Zhongshan University) in Guangzhou, China, dated March 17, 1996.
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