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Visitors from Sun Yat-sen University in Judd's Gymnasia (2000)

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Visitors from Sun Yat-sen University in Judd's Gymnasia (2000)
A photograph depicting visitors from the Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU, Zhongshan University) in Guangzhou, China with Charlie Redmond, Springfield College faculty. All people are portrayed standing in the West Gymnasium of Judd’s Gymnasia at Springfield College in December, 2000. This visit occurred after an agreement was signed in 1996 between Springfield College (SC) and Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) to provide training in sports medicine and conditioning and fitness, exchange of scholars and students from both schools. Standing in the picture left to right we can recognize: Hong Shi (Vice Dean, School of Education, SYSU), Zhaohang Liang (the first signer of the agreement between SC and SYSU), Wenliang Guo (Secretary School of Education, SYSU), Charles Redmond (Dean, School of Physical education, SC), Minghua Zhong (Dean, School of Education, SYSU), Zhuoyuan Chen, (Director, PE department, SYSU),Baohua Zhang, (Associate Director of PE department, SYSU).
December 2000
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Fok; Sun Yat-Sen; Zhongshan University; Agreements; Signings; ; visit; Liang, Zhaohang; 梁兆航; Chen, Zhuoyuan; 陈卓源; Zhong, Minghua; 钟明华; Redmond, Charles; Guo, Wenliang, 郭文亮; Zhang, Baohua,张保华; Shi, Hong; 石 宏; West Gymnasium; Judd Gymnasium;