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After the signing of the first Fok Physical Education and Sport Exchange Programs agreement, March 17, 1996

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After the signing of the first Fok Physical Education and Sport Exchange Programs agreement, March 17, 1996
A photograph after the first signing of the Fok Physical Education and Sport Exchange Programs agreement at Sun Yat-Sen University(Zhongshan University) in Guangzhou, China, dated March 17, 1996. The agreement was signed between Springfield College (SC) and Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU) to provide training in sports medicine and conditioning and fitness, exchange of scholars and students from both schools. Standing in the picture on the first row from left to right we can recognize Charles Redmond (Dean of the School of Physical Education, SC), Tina Manos (Exercise Science, SC), Molly Rau (Dean of Academic and Provost, SC), and Zhao Huang (Associate Director, External Affairs Office, SYSU). On the second row, also from left to right, Shi Hong (Associate Director, PE Department, SYSU), Si Li (Secretary, PE Department, SYSU), Molly Rau (Dean of Academic and Provost, SC), Charlie Smith (Director, International Academy, SC), Liang Zhaohang (Director of PE department, SYSU), and Shi, Hong (Associate Director, SYSU). Mandarin and Cantonese rending of names: Shi, Hong; 石宏:时任体育系副主任;Li, Si; 李思:时任体育系书记、副主任;Huang, Zhao; 黄昭:时任外事处处长;
March 17, 1996
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