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Dr. Doggett with Greek A.A.U. (S.E.G.A.S.) Basketball Championship Teams, May 3rd, 1937

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Dr. Doggett with Greek A.A.U. (S.E.G.A.S.) Basketball Championship Teams, May 3rd, 1937
A photograph of Dr. Laurence Locke Doggett standing in the middle with the teams that participated in the National Basketball Championships of the Greek A.A.U. or S.E.G.A.S. The photograph is dated May 3, 1937. There are two Springfield College "Men" in the picture. The first name was unable to be read (see page 2), but the other (1st from right) is Michael Steriadis (Class of 1930). Dr. Doggett was on his world tour after his retirement as president of Springfield College. He went all over the world visiting with Alums and Friends of the College and the YMCA, including Japan, Australia, India, China, Egpyt, and Greece, among many other countries and regions.
May 3, 1937
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Springfield college
Laurence Locke Doggett was Springfield College's fourth president. He was also the first full-time president and served in the position from 1896-1936. Under Doggett's leadership Springfield College expanded its student body from 50 to 500 and its faculty from 8 to 40. Doggett also oversaw the building of a new gymnasium, library, swimming pool and athletic at the College. Doggett was also instrumental in developing and implementing the College's Humanics philosophy which still guides the college to this day. He retired in 1936 and remains Springfield College's longest tenured president. Dr. Laurence L. Doggett died in 1957 at the age of 92.