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Physical Department Circular (1907)

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Physical Department Circular (1907)
This Physical Department Circular, published in 1907 by the International YMCA Training School, now Springfield College, explains the importance of physical training and the importance of this training during the industrial age. The circular includes photographs of individuals that have been pioneers in the physical education world, and leaders in amateur sports. It also includes photographs of training school directors in public schools, secondary schools, christian associations, and colleges and universities. The circular also discusses the general course requirements and the technical courses, such as anatomy, physiology, and hygiene that must be taken as a basis. It then goes on to discuss the time required for training, the equipment available to students, the type of men that are desired as students at the school, the expenses, the entrance requirements, and a brief overview of the dormitory life. The circular closes with an overview of the Alumni of the Training School that are involved and engaged in Physical Work.
McCurdy, J. H. (James Huff), 1866-1940
Springfield College Archives and Special Collections
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School of Health Physical Education and Recreation Records
International Young Men's Christian Association Training School (Springfield, Mass.)
Springfield College
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McCurdy, J. H. (James Huff), 1866-1940
Hitchcock, Edward, 1828-1911
Sargent, Dudley Allen, 1849-1924
Lee, Joseph, 1862-1937
Roberts, Robert J.
Poole, George F.
Fisher, George J.
Gulick, Luther Halsey, 1865-1918
Fish, Alanson L.
Page, Peirson S.
Prentiss, Lory
Allen, Lewis Warren
Ball, William Henry
Kinnicutt, William H.
Affleck, George Baird, 1876-
Merritt, Joseph E.
Garland, Albert E.
Pinneo, George M.
Bonnamaux, Charles F.
Price, Charles H.
Meylan, George L. (1903)
Stagg, Amos Alonzo, 1862-1965
Reynolds, Percy L.
Seymour, Roy F.
Purrington, Royce D.
Seerley, Frank N.
Doggett, L. L. (Laurence Locke), 1864-1957
Bowne, J. T. (Jacob Titus), 1847-1925
Burr, Hanford M. (Hanford Montrose), 1864-1941
Hastings, William W.
Ballantine, W. G. (William Gay), 1848-1937
Berry, Elmer E.
Springfield (Mass.)
Physical education
MassachusettsHampden (county)Springfield
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