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Why I am a Physical Director Circular

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Why I am a Physical Director Circular
This Physical Department Circular, published in the early 1900's by the International YMCA Training School (now Springfield College), explains the reasons on why the authors, well known professionals in the physical training, chose to become physical directors. Among the writers there are Dr. Luther Halsey Gulick (first director of the physical department of the school), G. B. Affleck (class of 1901), W. V. Denman (class of 1895), and W. H. Ball (class of 1891) gave different accounts on their reasons to enter the physical training field and gave their thoughts on the positive traits and characteristics to excel at this profession. All authors in this circular had successful careers as physical directors of various YMCA sites and would contribute to the field of physical education in many ways, including practice, research and teaching.
Affleck, George Baird, 1876-1958
Gulick, Luther Halsey, 1865-1918
Ball, William Henry
Denman, William V.
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Affleck, George Baird, 1876-
Gulick, Luther Halsey, 1865-1918
Ball, William Henry
Page, Peirson S.
Denman, William V.
Kinnicutt, William H.
Stagg, Amos Alonzo, 1862-1965
Springfield (Mass.)
Physical Education
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Springfield College
Dr. Gulick also created the Springfield College's seal, the inverted triangle, whose three sides represent the whole man - in spirit, mind and body.While at Springfield, Gulick directed James Naismith, who was a teacher at the school, to create a winter sport to be played indoors. Soon after, Naismith created the game of basketball. Gulick left Springfield College in 1900 to work as the physical education director at the Pratt Institute High School in Brooklyn. G. B. Affleck worked as the Assistant Secretary of the Winnipeg YMCA from 1898-1899 and as the Physical Director of the State Teachers College (Cedar Falls, Iowa) from 1901-1907. He spent the following two years as the Physical Director of the Central Department YMCA in Chicago. In 1908, Springfield College hired Affleck, and he remained here until his retirement in 1941. For thirty years, he compiled and edited the “Selected Bibliography in Physical Education". He wrote articles for the Association Seminar, Physical Training Magazine, Pedagogical Seminar, Camping World, Journal of Health and Physical Education, Research Quarterly, and he co-authored the Classification for Physical Education Library. W. H. Ball, after graduating from Springfield College, took the position of Physical Director at the YMCA in Montreal, from 1892 until 1901, then to serve at the "Y" facility in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, and at the Springfield, Mass. From 1911 until 1924, Ball served as Secretary to the YMCA International Committee in New York City.