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Amherst College Catalog 1988/1989

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Amherst College Catalog 1988/1989
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1988/1989 Catalog
The Amherst College Catalog is a source of information about the growth and history of the College as well as the College's role in adapting to and shaping changes in higher education in the United States. The first Catalog published in March 1882 consisted of 7 pages and provided a list of faculty (4 plus 1 tutor) and students (59); requisites for admission and course of study. Recent catalogs consist of several hundred pages and include information such as the mission statement; academic calendar; lists of members of the corporation, faculty, administrative and professional officers; admissions requirements; courses of instruction; professorships, readerships, and lectureships; prizes and awards; and enrollment. Catalogs frequently discuss the construction of new buildings on the campus.
Amherst College
[ca. 1988]
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The Amherst College Catalog began publication on March 1822 (covering the academic year 1821/1822) and except for 1975/1976 has been published continually. For the 1975/1976 academic year the College published: The Amherst College Register for 1975-1976, which includes only that information not readily available in other administrative publications. The annual publication of the Catalog resumed in 1976/1977. Since 1822 there have been numerous title changes for the Catalog. These title changes are as follows: Catalogue of the faculty and students of the collegiate Institution (1821/1822); Catalogue of the officers and students of the collegiate institution (1822/1823-1824/1825); Catalogue of the corporation, faculty and students (1825/1826-1835/1836); Catalogue of the officers and students of Amherst College (1836/1837-1883/1884); Catalogue of Amherst College (1884/1885-1899/1900); Amherst College catalogue (1900/1901-1914/1915); Catalogue of Amherst College (1915/1916-1931/1932); Catalogue (1932/1933-1933/1934); Catalogue number (1934/1935-1946/1947); Annual catalogue (1947/1948-1953/1954); Catalog issue (1954/1955-1960/1961); and, Catalog (1961/1962-). Catalogs published 1932/1933-1946/1947 and 1951/1952-1974/1975 were issued as numbers of the series: Amherst College bulletin, and catalogs published between 1947/1948-1950/1951 were issued as numbers of the series: Bulletin of Amherst College.