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YMCA’s 8th World's Conference, Geneva, 1878

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YMCA’s 8th World's Conference, Geneva, 1878
This group photograph portrays the attendees at the YMCA’s World Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland, from August 14-20, 1878. At this conference, a Central International Committee was established, composed of representatives from the affiliating national organizations, and with a quorum resident in Geneva. This World’s Committee included an executive committee of 18 members, 31 advisory members representing residents in 24 different countries (The New International Encyclopædia, Vol. 23, 1918). It is presumed that Charles Fermaud is portrayed in the photograph. Fermaud was a volunteer in the Geneva Association prior to the Conference. He played an important role in organizing the convention and was elected President of the World's Committee. Fermaud led the world-wide expansion of the YMCA, although he had no model for such growth and had to be innovative. Later in 1878, Fermaud became the General Secretary of the World's Alliance of YMCA's, a position he would hold for thirty-four years (Pursuit of an ‘Unparalleled Opportunity’ YMCA, Steuer, 2008).
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A handwritten penned caption on the back of the photograph reads "World's Geneva Convention Aug 14-20, 1878".