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YMCA Standard leaders Club of Federal District of Mexico City, 1918

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YMCA Standard leaders Club of Federal District of Mexico City, 1918
This group photograph depicts the Y.M.C.A. Standard Leaders Club of Mexico City, D.F. (Federal District) which was taken on December, 1918. The men shown in the picture are standing and sitting in four rows in what appears to be a gymnasium. It is presumed to be the gymnasium of the Mexico City YMCA. Notice how all the men are wearing the YMCA triangle created by Luther Gulick.
December 1918
Springfield College Archives and Special Collections
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Young Men's Christian Association of North America
Group portraits
33 x 28 cm.
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Luther Gulick was the father of physical education and recreation in the United States. Luther Halsey Gulick designed the seal while serving as a faculty member at the School for Christian Workers, now known as Springfield College. Gulick intended the symbol to represent the three united natures of a complete man: physical, mental, and spiritual. In 1895, the YMCA also adopted the emblem.
A handwritten penned caption can be found on the verso of this picture with the names of those shown in the photograph who include: "From left to right. Upper line: E. Joseph, R. Velazquez, R. Carreno (Y.M.C.A. Box Instructor), L. Navarro, F Lonac (Physical Sub-Director), C. Plandes, S. Flores (Secretary and Treasurer), L. C. Tellez,E. J. Zapata (Vice. President). Second line: Z. Clement, V. Alcalde, J. L. Marin (Associated Physical-Director), At., T. Hernandez, E. C. Aguirre (Physical-Director), A. Lonac, A. Gonzalez, L. Fonseca. Third line: F. Del Canto, A. Fernandez, A. Zepeda, J. L. Gomez (Physical Sub-Director). L. Ochoa, O. F. Castillon (Y.M.C.A. Monterrey, N.L.), M. R. Gomez, P. M. Sosa. Fourth line: G. Sousa, E. Negrete, F. Mendoza (Honorary Member of the Club), M. Olavarria."