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Australian YMCA at Corbie (August 1918)

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Australian YMCA at Corbie (August 1918)
This lantern slide, “Australian YMCA at Corbie (August 1918),” shows Australian and British soldiers enjoying coffee and biscuits in the Australian YMCA at Corbie, France, August, 1918. The relationship between Australian and English soldiers is seen by some historians as a friendly rivalry, while others suggest the tension ran deep. Working and fighting together during the war emphasized both the similarities and differences between the two groups. Some Australians went to war viewing England as the motherland, while some British soldiers viewed Australians as backward and coarse. While considered excellent soldiers, Australians were known for their easygoing natures, ability to enjoy themselves heartily when on leave, and a relaxed attitude toward discipline. C.E.W. Bean, Australia’s Official World War I Historian, wrote, “For most British Commanders, the Australian was the bad boy of the Imperial family.” This slide is part of a series depicting Australian Y.M.C.A. war work during World War I.
August 1918
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Text on border reads, "Australian Y.M.C.A. Historical Record Section; Aust. Y.M.C.A. at Corbie."
Part of the Australian Y.M.C.A. WWI Lantern Slide Series