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Archive of Photographic Documentation of Early Massachusetts Architecture
This collection holds late 19th century photographs as well as engravings of 17th and 18th century buildings in Eastern Massachusetts. The mounted photographs and engravings were compiled by the Liberty Tree Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (D. A. R.) and consist of homes,... more
Archives & Special Collections - Amherst College
This collection holds hundreds of digitized objects from the Archives & Special Collections of Amherst College. The criteria for selecting materials for digitization from Archives & Special Collections are based on the materials' scholarly and cultural significance, the impact of... more
Arlington Historical Maps including Menotomy and the Old Burying Ground
Represented are historical maps of Arlington, Massachusetts. Included is a map of an existing historical cemetery in Arlington, Massachusetts, which dates back to the 1700s. Burial locations for individuals are noted and include Jason Russell and other Patriots of the American Revolution. This... more
Arlington Historical Photograph Collection, c. 1885 – 1992
Represented are photographs of Arlington, Massachusetts. The photographic images depict mainly people, property, buildings, monuments & statues, views, and scenes of town life, during the years, c. 1885 – 1992.
Arlington Historical Postcard Collection, c. 1907 – 1981
Represented are postcards of historical Arlington, Massachusetts. The images depict mainly places, houses, views, buildings, businesses, monuments, and pageants. Dates of postcards range from c. 1907 – 1981.
Arnold Arboretum Maps and Plans
Since its inception in 1872, the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University has collected maps of its grounds and hardscape. These large-format documents provide valuable information to researchers and staff. Over 130 of these documents are now available in digital format. Most were produced in the... more
Arthur Griffin Photographs
Arthur Griffin was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts on September 12, 1903. Originally trained to be an illustrator, in 1929 he picked up his first camera -- a second-hand folding Brownie -- and thus began a passion that would last a lifetime. By the mid-1930's, Arthur Griffin had become the... more
Arthur M. Dallin Stained Glass Studies, c. 1932 – 1939
Represented are miniature studies for stained glass windows. The studies were done by Arthur Murray Dallin, a stained glass artist (son of artist, Cyrus E. Dallin) in his Arlington studio, during the years c. 1932 – 1939. They were painted on heavy board utilizing a type of paint known as... more
Arthur Mange Photograph Collection, 1958-2013
Arthur Mange taught in the Biology Department at University of Massachusetts Amherst for 31 years before retiring in 1995. A co-author of numerous works in human genetics, Mange served on the chair of the Conservation Committee in Amherst, and currently serves on the Burnett Gallery... more