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3. Earle D. Wilson Collection

The photograph series within the Earle D. Wilson Collection contains over 700 images accumulated by New Bedford newspaperman, theater manager, and radio personality Earle D. Wilson (1894-1976) over the course of his career. Many of the images were acquired for use in “Remember?,” a nostalgia... more

5. Early English Printers

The Boston Public Library holds a significant collection of books from the earliest years of English printing, including works from the presses of William Caxton, Richard Pynson, Wynkyn De Worde, and others. Critical funding to support long-term preservation of and enhanced public access to... more

18. Edgar Scott Postcard Collection

Edgar Scott (1857-1940) was a photographer and printer in the Amherst and Northampton areas. He was born on Martha’s Vineyard and, as an Amherst resident, worked in a local hat factory. He took up photography in retirement and was an originator of the picture postcard. He specialized in... more

24. Edwin B. Worthen Collection

The Edwin B. Worthen Collection documents life in Lexington, Massachusetts from its earliest settlement through the mid-20th century. The materials were collected by Edwin B. Worthen (1879-1956), his son Edwin B. Worthen, Jr. (1913-1976), and his daughter-in-law, Anita P. Worthen (1913-2008),... more

27. Edwin Hale Lincoln Photographs

Edwin Hale Lincoln was born in Westminster, Massachusetts in 1848; he eventually resided in the Berkshires. In the 1880s, his work in photographing yachts using the newly invented dry plate method led to commissions in estate photography.His experience as a 14-year-old Civil War drummer boy led... more

30. Elbridge Kingsley Collection

This collection consists of items from the Elbridge Kingsley collection hosted by Forbes Library. Information about the items has been provided by the holding institution so that they may be included in Digital Commonwealth.

33. Eliot Church Annual 1845-1887

Presented here is Eliot Church, which was located at the corner of Centre and Church Streets in Newton Corner. It was a Congregational Trinitarian church organized on July 1, 1845. The City of Newton owns a wealth of historic materials that speak to the community's social, cultural and... more

35. Elizabeth Capell recipe book

This collection consists of items from the Elizabeth Capell recipe book collection hosted by Boston College. Information about the items has been provided by the holding institution so that they may be included in Digital Commonwealth.

40. Ellen F. O'Connor Collection

Ellen F. O’Connor was an art teacher in the Boston Public Schools system, teaching at the Prince School and later West Roxbury High School. In addition to her work as an educator, she was a passionate participant in the cultural life of Boston. She was a gifted singer, a soloist at the Mission... more

45. Elms College Presidents

Presented here are items that exhibit the history of the College of Our Lady of the Elms (Elms College) through the photos, memorabilia, correspondence, transcribed speeches, and miscellaneous documents of its ten presidents: Bishop Thomas O'Leary, First President: 1928-1949; Bishop Christopher... more

49. Emerson Collection

A significant gift to the Longmeadow Historical Society many years ago was a very large collection of glass negatives that are known as the Emerson Collection. These negatives, some more than a century old, represent the efforts of one photographer -- a Longmeadow resident, Paesiello Emerson --... more