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Sexology Articles
This collection contains three articles from the magazine Sexology from the early 1950s that relate to crossdressing and the transgender community. These articles cover a range of topics, from the differences between crossdressers and transsexual people to gender realignment surgery to the life... more
Sexual Minorities Archives Buttons and Clothing
This collection consists of a total of 17 items, including eight buttons/pins, eight tee-shirts, and one chest binder. These items are a small portion of a larger collection of LGBTI related buttons and clothing that is housed at the Sexual Minorities Archive. They depict a variety of... more
Sexual Minorities Archives Finding Aids
The Sexual Minorities Archives maintains a diverse collection of transgender-related content spread across its various media: special collections, art, magazines, books, videos, subject files and more. Five finding aids for special collections with significant trans-themed content are included... more
64. Shhhh!
Shhhh! was originally published as a part of AEGIS News to report updates specific to the National Transgender Library & Archive. This collection contains three one-page newsletters from 1994 and the first and only full-length Shhhh! newsletter from 1995. In general, the newsletters discuss... more
Short Run Periodicals
This is a catchall collection of periodicals that were published between the 1950s and the 1990s. Though this collection only includes a few issues of particular publications, most had much longer runs that have not yet been digitized.
South Africa Media Coverage (via Gender Dynamix)
This collection contains five objects published from 1988-1996 from various South African media outlets including Femina Magazine, The Sunday Star, YOU Magazine, and Playboy Magazine South Africa. The articles and letters to the editor describe personal transgender experiences including... more
Tiffany Club Documents
This collection includes eleven documents from May 1978 to December 1978 pertaining to the Tiffany Club, a social club in the greater Boston area for cross-dressers, their families, and friends. Merissa Sherrill Lynn, the founder, held the Tiffany Club's first organizational meeting in her home... more
Transgender Archives Finding Aids–University of Victoria, British Columbia
The Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is the world's largest collection of rare print, archival documents and ephemera relating to the history of pioneering activists, community leaders, and researchers who have contributed to the betterment of... more
Transgender Tapestry
Founded by Merissa Sherrill Lynn, Transgender Tapestry was a magazine published from the late 1970s to the early 2000s by the Tiffany Club and later by the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE). The publication went through several names changes including "The TV-TS Tapestry,"... more
Turnabout Publications
This collection contains three Turnabout Magazines and seven fictional Turnabout Books, published by Abbé de Choisy Press and Wholesale Book Corporation between 1965 and 1969. The magazines consist of articles, fictional stories, photographs, art and literature reviews, and makeup tips. The... more
Twenty Minutes
These newsletters were published by The XX Club from 1988 to 1997. The newsletter was originally titled "Twenty Minutes" but was rebranded "Twenty" in 1991. These publications provided information to, and support for, members of the transgender community by publishing personal accounts as well... more
Twilight People
‘Twilight People' is a landmark project that discovers and celebrates the hidden history of transgender and gender-variant people of faith in the UK, past and present. This collection is the first source of faith and transgender history in Britain. The project explores the narratives around... more
University of South Florida Libraries Finding Aids
The Special and Digital Collections of the University of South Florida Library has nine finding aids related to its collections that include transgender-related content. These finding aids are discovery resources for collections concerning various Floridian LGBT activist organizations and... more
University of Winnipeg Two-Spirited Collection
These two items detail the different materials found in the University of Winnipeg's Two-Spirited Collection. The first item is a short journal article that provides background on the topics explored in this collection, explaining the roles of different two-spirit activists, such as Albert... more
Upstate New York Newsletters
Three organizations in upstate New York (Transegenderests Independence Club, Butterfly, and Expressing Our Nature) collaborated to create four newsletters for the trans and crossdressing communities between 1988 and 1989. In 1993, Expressing Our Nature published two newsletters on their own.... more
76. Vanguard
This collection includes ten 'zines created and published by Vanguard from 1966-1967 and a retrospective 'zine created in 2011. Contributors to Vanguard were LGBTQ youth from the streets of the Tenderloin district in San Francisco. These 'zines contain poems, art, and articles that reflect the... more
Yale University Finding Aids
Yale University Library holds 23 collections of archival materials with significant trans-related content, though their broader holdings include far more. Researchers can also search for individually cataloged items in ORBIS: